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Why The Bayou Pages?

We are the complete source for information for the community no matter what! The Bayou Pages creates that final link between consumer and commerce and the ultimate demand of the purchasing community . You'll find it all in Acadian's #1 directory resource!

Wondering what makes us different from our competitors? Take a look!

Not your everyday, typical, "cookie cutter", big Corporate America produced phone book - our community wants to use a more unique and attractive book that speaks volumes to the local culture

Increase your sales with exceptional display advertising that is kind to your pocketbook and inexpensive in comparison to all the local advertising choices! Choose from hundreds of positions along with a list of sponsorship opportunities and special positioning throughout the directory.

A quality worth talking about! With an easy to use size and superior production quality, any advertiser can see immediately why advertising in the Bayou Pages make it the number one choice for directory advertising in the South Louisiana coverage area!

The Bayou Pages is as easy to use on-line as it is in our printed directory! Simply go to to search the directory on-line!

Know your Parish! Extensive guides covering the individual Parish in the Acadiana Area and what makes each and every one a special contribution to the heart and soul of the area, in addition to outlining the contributions of the community and general attractions.

Football Schedules for both local & state teams and seating charts for all the stadiums.

Cultural Guide that provide unique and entertaining options and tourists love them for their activities and translations of what to so while visiting the Acadiana area

Contest Pages that encourage participation with our dedicated community and customers - the contest changes year to year and is a great opportunity to win cash and recognition for being a Bayou Pages supporter!

Hurricane Tracking Chart & Evacuation Map Pages - Hurricanes and other natural disasters are inevitable in South Louisiana and we are the only directory that provides our public with detailed directions about how to be prepared and how to evacuate safely. It is way more than just tracking when and where the hurricane will hit, but what to do to stay safe!

A Golfing Guide any business person from the south can benefit from!

Lafayette Transportation Pages, traveling by rail, air or bus, this guide has it all!

Extensive Menu and Restaurant advertising - Quench your appetite with the myriad of choices in Lafayette and outlying areas the embrace the best local cuisine

These are just a few of the fabulous features The Bayou Pages has to offer. Pick up one today and contact one of our home-grown sales representatives today to explore the uncountable ways The Bayou Pages can work for you!