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Commitment to Public

Thanks Acadiana!

The Bayou Pages has become an industry phenomenon! In just seven short years, Acadiana's local directory has become the industry leader and one of the most decorated directories in the history of The Association of Directory Publishers (ADP). As we publish our second edition of The Bayou Pages by SunShine Media we carry on our tradition of excellence. SunShine Media is dedicated to building a rich history of first choice directories both in print and on line for our advertisers and end users throughout Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi. Our local directories couldn't be more local as we are truly the only directory in Acadiana that is owned, operated and produced right here in South Louisiana! That is just one more way we are supporting our local communities by keeping it local!

We as publishers want to thank ADP for this tremendous recognition; but more importantly, we want to thank our local friends and supporters, the great people of Acadiana, and our advertisers, for without them we would never have gained this measure of credit.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!