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The Bayou Family

At the Bayou Pages, we have built a diverse and unique team that is committed to Acadiana businesses, large and small.

Combined, the Bayou sales team is here to serve you with over 60 years of yellow page sales experience. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds as well. These include teaching, oil field management, business owners, the food and beverage industries, communications, pharmaceuticals, military personnel, and several areas of marketing and retail sales. We pride ourselves on the range of industries that we have experienced on our journeys to the Bayou Pages, as they have truly helped us to see and meet the needs of every customer.

Another feature unique to this team is the vast areas that we have lived and worked along the way. No matter where we've been, from California to North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Kansas or Texas, we have all chosen to make Louisiana, especially Acadiana, our homes.